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Torrot New Zealand

Torrot’s KIDS series are ideal motorcycles for initiation into the practice of offroad Trial or Enduro – Supermotard on onroad tracks. They boast extremely high passive safety standards that place a premium on fun and learning. A guarantee of safety for progressive learning that is reflected in its motor, programmable from a Smartphone, and with the new batteries.


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Torrot takes good care of its next-generation so that the first steps of its ‘little ones’ are always safe thanks to the ‘Parental Control’ system. A wireless control that allows parents to limit, configure and even disconnect their child’s motorcycle remotely from their mobile, through an Android or iOS application.

Control Power

Max Power: this parameter can be used to customize the motorcycle’s maximum power: 20% is the min. adjustable power. 100% is the max. adjustable power.

Control Speed

Max Speed: this parameter can be used to customize the motorcycle’s maximum speed: 30% is the min. adjustable speed. 100% is the max. adjustable speed.

Control Throttle Response

Throttle Response: this parameter can be used to customize the speed of the throttle response: 5% represents the quickest adjustable throttle response. 25% represents the slowest adjustable throttle response.

Control Regeneration

Regeneration: this parameter can be used to customize the vehicle’s regenerative braking level (motor retention) upon releasing the throttle: 0% represents the min. regenerative. 20% represents the max. adjustable regenerative.

New batteries, now easily removable

The new batteries, now easily removable and rechargeable, manufactured from LiMnCo, which means lower weight and greater power and range. Undoubtedly the best playground companion for future ‘champions’, with a programmable power from 600W up to 1500W that make it an ideal formula to get into off-road.